COCO IM Application (version 0.1)

COCO IM is that our launches IM Application on Android. We had version 0.1 on android. COCO IM is the smart instant messenger (IM) application, which is based on Openfire server + Spark client. We are developing by calling Smack API, to achieve the function of login openfire server and send/receive messages, etc. And it is also open free, you can free download COCO IM version 0.1 to use it.

Screenshots of the COCO IM
              Create your COCO account                     Configure service                    Add a new account
              The list of your buddies               Create your new chat group       Chat with anyone anywhere by phone

Features of the COCO IM
     version 0.1   Login with account         
  Add a new account      
 List all buddies        
  Create a new group     
  Chat with buddies
     version 0.2 .....   View and chat with all your contacts across Google Talk, MSN, MySpace, Yahoo…
  Message notifications        
  Set status       
  Personalization settings

  More …

Instructions for use:
  First you need to install and configure an openfire server.  (In version 0.2, you do not need to configure server, we will offer. )
If you use COCO IM on G1 If you test COCO IM in Android emulator If you see source code
a)  Install Android_IM .apk
b)  Open the first interface
c)  Chick the menu
d)  Select server_config
e)  Configure IP address and port
f )  Add new account
 a) Find tools file in the android SDK installation file
 b) Copy the Android_IM .apk in it
 c)  Start the command to install Android_IM .apk
 a)  Install Eclipse and ADT
 b)  Create a new Android project
 c)  Import Android_IM folder.

Free Download

COCO IM Source Code   (version 0.1)
COCO_IM.APK    (version 0.1)

We will continue to improve our app with free and frequent product updates including new features. Therefore we want to know all about your suggestions or any bug you may encounter! Please feel free to contact us.