Android UI Customization Services

Why company prefer to customize their Android UI?

  • Differentiating their products. Companies carry out UI customizations is because it differentiates their product from others.
  • Adding features. Some companies have some software that has become unique, adding custom interfaces can bring more accessibility to the user.

So,in order to maintain a good user experience, companies prefer to make changes to the default Android versions

Android customization is a key to success?

UI customizations are the main instrument OEMs use to differentiate their products. Motorola has MotoBlur, HTC has Sense, and Samsung uses its TouchWiz UI. These UI have become the brand identity of their products.

What can we do for you?

Android UI customizations can come in many forms on different levels, i.e. custom boot animation,custom themes and wallpaper,custom widget characteristics and dock bar. You may even want to change the design of the built-in UI elements. Even you might also want to add applications or integrate existing services.