Board of Directors

Board Structure

In accordance with the Articles of Association, there shall be a Board of Directors consisting of not less than five or not more than nine persons. The Independent Directors shall be not less than three persons. The current Board of Directors is owned persons with great breadth experience, three of the seven members are Legal Persons as Corporate Directors, another three are independent directors the last one is External Director. We rely on them for their professional knowledge, personal perspectives and business judgment, goal to improve business performance and create best interests for Shunsin shareholders.

Board Responsibilities

Under the leadership of chairman of the company, the primary responsibility of the Board is to supervise. The Board must oversee corporate governance, reliable financial reporting, timely disclosure of important information and no violations of corruption, breach of trust, etc., to ensure that shareholders' rights and maintenance of corporate social responsibility. To fulfill its oversight responsibilities and to strengthen the board of directors of the Company are currently set up an audit committee, compensation committee and internal audit.

Secondly, the second responsibility of the Board is to provide guidance to the management team, board of directors should listen to the management team of the regular Financialss, and to fully communicate and dialogue with management team, management team should respond to the Board for the company business strategy, while the Board should evalsuate successful possibility of strategies, should regularly review the progress of the policy, and urge the management team to make adjustments when necessary.

Finally, the third responsibility of the Board to evalsuate operating performance and the appointment and dismissal of managers team. To maintain good and smooth communication channels between the management team and board of directors of the Company, and focus on execution of the guidance and business operations, so to create maximum value for the shareholders of the Company.

Election of Directors

According to ShunSin’s “Procedures for Election of Directors”, directors shall be elected pursuant to the candidates nomination system as specified in Article 192-1 of the R.O.C. "Company Law" and the manner of voting shall be “Cumulative Voting”.

Member of Directors

Name Education & Professional Qualifications Other Positions
Chairman Foxconn (Far East) Limited
  • Bachelor Degree in Chemistry, Chinese Culture University
  • Vice General Manager, Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Vice General Manager, Ambit Corporation
  • Senior Vice General Manager, Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd.
  • General Manager, ShunSin Technology Holdings Limited
  • Manager, ShunSin Technology Holdings Limited Taiwan Branch
  • Director, ShunSin Technology Holdings (Hongkong) Limited
  • Director, ShunSin Technology (Samoa) Corporation Limited
  • Excutive Director / General Manager, ShunSin Technology (Zhong Shan) Limited
Hsu, Wen-Yi
Director Foxconn (Far East) Limited
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering, National Chung Cheng University
  • Project Leader Engineer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited
  • Senior Manager, Xintec Inc.
  • Manager, Neo Solar Power Corporation
  • Manager, Powertech Technology Inc.
  • Direcor of S BU. , Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd
Ni,Ching- Yu
Director Foxconn (Far East) Limited
  • Master Degree in Law, American University
  • Legal Persons as Corporate Director, Zhen Ding Technology Holdings Limited, Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd
  • Legal Persons as Corporate Supervisor, 臻鼎科技(股)公司
  • Head of Department of Legal Planning and Management in Finance and Investment
Yu, Che-Hung
Director Hu, Chien-Lei
  • Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics, Cheng Kung University
  • Assistant General Manager / Adviser, RITEK CORPORATION
  • Vice General Manager, CARSHIDO CORPORATION
  • Chairman, 翰森塗裝科技(股)公司
Chiu, Huang Chuan
  • Master Degree in Law, University of Cambridge
  • Lawyer, Baker & McKenzie
  • Partner, Kew & Lord
  • Managing Director, Taiwanese Society of International Law
  • Independent Director / Member of the Compensation Committee, Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation
  • Independent Director, Chunghwa Precision Test Tech. Co., Ltd.
Ting, Hung-Hsun
  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Chinese Culture University
  • 中小企業榮譽指導員, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.
  • Independent Director, 特力和樂(股)公司
  • Supervisor, & TIEN LIANG BIOTECH CO., LTD
  • Supervisor, & Emerging Display Technologies
  • Independent Director / Member of the Compensation Committee / Chairman of the Audit Committee, CyberTAN Technology, Inc.
  • Independent Director / Member of the Compensation Committee & Audit Committee, ICARES Medicus,Inc.
  • Supervisor, Emerging Display Technologies
Lin, Ying-Shan
  • EMBA, Sun Yat-sen University
  • Master Degree in Management Science, Kaohsiung Polytechnic Institute
  • Manager of Underwriting Department, Yuanta Core Pacific Securities Co., Ltd.
  • CFO / Special Assistant to the President / Director / Spokesman, Emerging Display Technologies
  • General Manager / Director, Mildex Optical Inc.
  • Independent Director / Chairman of the Compensation Committee, TAYIH LUN AN CO., LTD.
  • Independent Director / Chairman of the Compensation Committee / Member of the Audit Committee, CyberTAN Technology, Inc.
  • Legal Persons as Corporate Director, 鼎熒精密(股)公司