Social Responsibility

Social Contributions

  • Charity
    Company will donate to the national charity federation and the Red Cross for the earthquake, the poor and other charity every year, and will propose employees to participate in the donation action at the same time.
  • Take Care Of The Disabled
    ShunSin hire the disabled employees, in addition to the daily care for disabled people, we will hold the sympathy activities at the annual international day of disabled persons.
  • Difficulty Support
    ShunSin always give a hand to the difficult employees, provide benefits to the illness home, persuade the employees to donate, visit the sick in hospital, provide the solatium to the employee's direct relative, and care for the staff and their families.
  • Volunteer Service
    ShunSin set up a volunteer team to encourage employees to join the volunteer work, and take part into the social volunteer activities and feedback to the society, such as to visit the children welfare and nursing home, caring for the disabled, blood donation activities, the supervision of the traffic civilization, etc.
  • Effects
    FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
    Contribution RMB 25,300 RMB 41,700 RMB 88,629
    Recipients 21 45 78